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This memorial website was created in the memory of GLENN EMERSON FULLER, who was born in Stanton, Michigan on March 26, 1929 and passed away at home with his daughter on May 02, 2008 in Henderson, Nevada. We will remember him forever; there will never be another man quite like him.


Glenn Emerson Fuller “Sarge” passed on Friday, May 2, 2008 at the home of his daughter in Henderson, Nevada. Following 6 weeks of hospitalization resulting from stroke complications, he returned home for hospice care. He had lived 21 years in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico from August 1986 until the time of his first stroke August 29, 2007 when he joined his daughter, Debra Stefan, at her home in Nevada.

Glenn enlisted in the U.S. Army 8/26/46; served in both the Navy (submariner USS Razorback SS394) and Army until retirement 5/31/67 with over 20 years of military service including combat in Viet Nam, Dominican Republic and Cuban Crisis. He served during WWII, Korean and Viet Nam Wars.  Glenn was a master paratrooper “jump” school instructor for the distinguished 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

He married Barbara Ann Shaw of Ft. Sumner in July 1958 sharing 47 years together until the time of her passing May 4, 2004. From the beginning of marriage up until sickness and death, both "Bobbie" and Glenn enjoyed riding motorcycles together. The Fuller residence always contained a variety of bikes with Harley Davidsons among them. Bobbie's Black '83 XLX Harley Sportster and Glenn's '78 "Shovelhead" FXE with Velorex sidecar will be graveside for the final goodbye ceremony at Ft. Sumner cemetery on August 10th, 2008. 

Cremated remains will be interred at Ft. Sumner Cemetery with Military Veteran's Honor service from Cannon Air Force Base commencing at 4PM. With over 20 years of military service, Glenn will be honored with the traditional veteran's Ceremonial Flag Presentation, Firing Party, and playing of Taps.

The GLENN FULLER MEMORIAL MOTORCYCLE RIDE will begin at 2PM from High Plains Harley Davidson Dealership in Clovis and meeting at 26362 US HWY 60 in the big yellow Fuller motorcycle shop (barn). An informal remembrance gathering will take place in the shop prior to the motorcycle processional travelling to the Ft. Sumner cemetary for the 4PM service. All riders and friends from Clovis and in Ft. Sumner are welcome to attend the honor ceremony.

Glenn was known for his sense of humor, long white beard, and love of motorcycles. Glenn developed his interest in motorcycles as a boy on the farm when a friend of his sister took him and brother Fred riding on a motorcycle. He and Fred then got an “Indian” motorcycle from a farmer and got it running; this began the motorcycle passion that lasted his lifetime. Upon bringing Glenn home to Nevada, daughter Debra obtained a motorcycle license and installed a sidecar on Glenn’s favorite Harley to continue his love of riding. (See pictures on this memorial website.)

Glenn turned 79 years old on March 26.


o Born March 26, 1929 in Stanton, Michigan to Robert Emerson Fuller and Jenny Hadley.

o Lifetime Member of H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group)
Known as “Santa Claus” for his annual role in the H.O.G. Christmas Toy Run

o Charitable Sponsor of the Boys & Girls Home, and highest donor of High Plains Harley Davidson of Clovis food drive (commemoration event in his honor 2007).


Glenn is Survived by: 
Son, Richard Glenn and wife Linda Stockman Fuller, grandchildren: Heather Erin and Eric Michael Fuller all of Orange, California; Daughter, Debra Stefan of Henderson, Nevada; Nephew, Terry Millard of Escondido, California 

Predeceased by:
Barbara Ann Shaw, May 4, 2004 (married 7/58 – 47 years until her death) 

Virginia Augustine Fyffe, March 12, 2007 (married 1950-‘58) mother of Richard Glenn and Debra Lynn

Predeceased by all siblings and most recently his eldest brother Wayne Robert Fuller, Sr. (May 08, 1923 - April 19, 2008)
Other Siblings were: Lois, Fred; Younger Brother Dean “Tink”.


This Memorial website: 

Sunday, August 10, 2008  ...

2PM - GLENN FULLER MEMORIAL MOTORCYCLE RIDE will begin at  from High Plains Harley Davidson Dealership in Clovis and meeting at 26362 US HWY 60 in the Fuller motorcycle shop

3PM - Remembrance Gathering held at 26362 US HWY 60 in the Fuller motorcycle shop

4PM - Military Veteran's Honor service from Cannon Air Force Base with traditional veteran's Ceremonial Flag Presentation, Firing Party, and playing of Taps.

5PM - Final Memories shared in the Fuller motorcycle shop; showing of Glenn Fuller Life Story DVD.

6PM - Motorcycle Riders begin return ride to Clovis.

Interment Ft. Sumner, NM Chavez Funeral Home with participation by Palm Mortuary, Henderson, NV 

Glenn's Favorite Charities:

The New Mexico Baptist Children's Home of Portales; Food Bank of Clovis

Contact available via this memorial website.


Thank you to the Senior Center of Ft. Sumner, friends at High Plains Harley Davidson of Clovis, and friends in the Village of Ft. Sumner

Mottos that describe the life of Glenn Fuller: “Live to Ride” and “Airborne All The Way”

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Tributes and Condolences
Deepest Sympathy   / Philip &. Sharon Null (friend)
Debra, We will all miss (Grandpa) Glen dearly. We adopted Glen as our Grandpa about four years ago. When he visited the Harley shop Debbie and I loved listening to his stories. I think he liked to flirt with Debbie just a little bit. He lo...  Continue >>
Dad's Most Memorable Harley Ride   / Debra Lynn Stefan (Daughter)
Nearly 7 weeks after his hospitalization, my dad Glenn Fuller, returned home for hospice care and then passed the very next day at 2:19pm on Friday May 2, 2008. Approximately 23 hours after his homecoming, he took his last breath while lying in my ar...  Continue >>
My Deepest Condolences   / Wayne Leposavic (Debra's friend )
Dear Debra,

Even though it was expected, I hoped your dad would hang on a little longer, being back home and having you provide loving care. But, in this life, everything is finite and nothing lasts forever.

It appears he slow...  Continue >>
Ride on Brother Glenn   / Lew Hancock (Friend)
Glenn was a friend to everyone. This site is a wonderful thing. My condolences to the family for the losses. I went to school with Rick for a short time, and would like him to know, we all think Glenn was a one of a kind gentleman. Always willing to ...  Continue >>
Military Medals and Awards   / Debra Stefan (Daughter)
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal w/Device 1960, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, World war II Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal - Japan, 82nd Airb...  Continue >>
Thank you  / Gerry Earl (Friend)    Read >>
Our Deepest Sympathy  / Terry And Larry Loyd (Debra)    Read >>
My deepest condolences  / Hendrick Polanco     Read >>
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His legacy

The New Mexico Baptist Children's Home of Portales, New Mexico will benefit annually from Ride T-shirt sales, and commemorative Ride pins for Glenn's "RIDE FOR THE KIDS".  In recent years, he provided new bicycles for every child at the facility and adopted it as his charity.

Motorcycle riders can register on the day of the inaugural ride, Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at High Plains Harley Davidson dealership of Clovis, New Mexico at 1PM. The ride will begin the 120 mile round trip to Ft. Sumner at 2PM, stopping at the Fuller "shop" - a 2,000 sq. ft. yellow metal barn on US Hwy 60 just east of the village. Refreshments will be served and a casual remembrance gathering will honor the passing of Glenn Fuller, a lifetime H.O.G. member and motorcycle enthusiast.

At 3:30PM, the motorcycle processional will travel to the Ft. Sumner cemetery to assemble graveside for the Cannon Air Force Honor Guard performing the traditional veteran's ceremony. The playing of "Taps" will signify the close of ceremony. Each attendee may then take an American flag provided and place it into the ground on Glenn's gravesite, honoring the veteran who served during WWII, and Korean wartime with combat service in Viet Nam.

 The motorcycle processional will proceed back to the Fuller farm for food and memories. Riders will begin travel back to Clovis at 6PM.

The High Plains Harley Davidson dealership of Clovis has designated the "Glenn Fuller Ride for the Kids" to be an annually sponsored event with the second annual date planned for May 2nd, 2009. Commemorative pins and T-shirts are available at which is a FREE site to buy and sell without a fee.


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